What's involved in a Commercial Building and Pest Inspection in Gold Coast?

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What's involved in a Commercial Building and Pest Inspection in Gold Coast?
What's involved in a Commercial Building and Pest Inspection in Gold Coast?

What's involved in a Commercial Building and Pest Inspection in Gold Coast?

A building inspection can be quite challenging gif it’s your first time. That’s the reason why most beginners find it confusing about what’s involved in a commercial building. It can be different for each company.

 If you choose Inspectr.co, our experienced professionals will help you by providing the best service. Before you start the research and book a commercial inspection with a Gold Coast building inspection company, let’s find out about the things involved in this service.

Things Involved in a Commercial Building Inspection

Hiring a commercial building inspection company for the first time? Well, there are some crucial things involved in an inspection. Sure, it can vary regarding the company. However, we will share the most common things in the following section:


If you want building and pest inspection, ensure they provide separate agreements. Well, agreements are legal documents that can protect you and the inspector. On the other hand, if you are a real estate agent, this agreement can protect your customer as well.

Inspection Equipment

If it’s a pre-purchase property, the inspection company can determine the condition of the house. For example, if the property has an issue before you buy it, they will resolve the problem. A property can have some common issues including leaks, damps, and draining issues. So, you can negotiate the price before making the final decision.

Building and Pest Inspection Reports

Last but not least, building and pest inspection report is a mandatory thing. The company will provide a multi-page inspection report with photos. Plus, you will find a lot of legal wording in these documents. Besides providing the reports, some reputed companies also welcome the client on the site while inspecting the building.

How Long Does a Commercial Building Inspection Take?

When you are taking a commercial building inspection, the length can depend on various factors. Inspectr.co, a trusted commercial building and pest inspection Gold Coast company, takes around 2 hours for a3/4 bedroom house.

If it’s a pest inspection, it will take a little longer than a commercial building inspection. You see, building or pest inspection needs time. So, if you are on-site, ensure the inspector or the homeowner isn’t rushing.


On the other hand, make sure the building inspection company isn’t working with too many real estate agencies.


Our detailed inspection reports have helped many homeowners in Gold Coast maintain and purchase a property. From expert advice to post-inspection support, our Inspectr.co team will help you out with everything. Our experts will provide you with knowledge even after the service.
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