What Does a Property Inspection Cover?

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What Does a Property Inspection Cover?
What Does a Property Inspection Cover?

What Does a Property Inspection Cover?

A property inspection is an important aspect before purchasing a house. It helps a buyer determine previous and potential issues in the building. Plus, when the buyer has the inspection report on hand, it will be easier to negotiate the price of the property. Even though a pre-settlement inspection is helpful for buyers, it has some limitations.

Things a Property Inspection Cover

When a buyer requests a pre-settlement building inspection, Inspectr.co, a trusted Gold Coast building and pest inspection company, provides the following things in their inspection report. Let’s have a look:

Internal Condition of The Property:

●    Windows and doors

●    Wall linings

●    Floors

●    Bathroom fixture

●    Fittings

●    Tiled areas

●    Cabinetry

●    Kitchen 


●    Ventilation

●    Foundations

●    Condition of pipework

●    Condition of the sub-floor framing 

Plumbing& Plumbing Fixture:

●    Door and window fixture

●    Exterior cladding

Additional and scaping & Building Items:

●    Decking

●    Drives

●    Areas around the swimming pool

●    Fences

●    Carpets

●    Paving

●    Garages

●    Decking

Things Not Covered in a Building Inspection

Even though a pre-settlement inspection is very helpful for buyers, it doesn’t include everything related to the property. According to Inspectr.co, a reputed commercial building and pest inspection Gold Coast company, these are the things that are not covered in a property inspection:

Home Appliances: Some properties are available with pre-installed appliances like an oven, dishwasher, air-conditioned, and ducted vacuum. However, the inspection team doesn’t check if these built-in appliances are working or not. If these appliances are included in the house’s selling price, inspect them by yourself before confirming the purchase.

The Layout & Size of The Room: Neither initial nor pre-settlement inspections don’t cover whether the buyer’s existing furniture will fit in the rooms. The real estate agent or previous owner includes the size and layout of the rooms in the property sale posting. So, before you hire a Gold Coast building inspection company, make the right decision for your old furniture.

Review of Building’s Safety: A pre-purchase inspection doesn’t include a property’s health risk. The professionals will not check the presence of hazardous materials on the property. Plus, it doesn’t include the inspection of the property’s land. In this case, the buyer has to do their own research before finalizing the deal.

Anything Hidden by Ceiling & Walls: A pre-settlement inspection doesn’t include anything hidden by the ceiling and walls such as the framing of the building, electrical wirings, gas fittings, and drainage.

Who Performs a Property Building Inspection?

The real estate agent or asset manager usually hires an architect or engineer for the initial inspection. However, most people choose a commercial building inspection Gold Coast company over an engineer or architect. It’s because they provide a detailed report in an affordable range. A buyer has to be careful while choosing the right property inspection team.


With an experience of 20 years, Inspectr.co has become a trusted commercial building and pest inspection Gold Coast company. The professionals are highly experienced and have in-depth knowledge of building regulations. That means they can thoroughly inspect the property to identify potential issues.

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