How to Pass a Building Inspection

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How to Pass a Building Inspection
How to Pass a Building Inspection

How to Pass a Building Inspection

Every seller or buyer gets nervous during abuilding inspection. However, a professional inspector will neither pass nor fail a property when there are some issues. Instead, they will guide the owner to improve the overall condition of the property. Keep reading to explore how to pass a property inspection.

Things a Building Inspection Will Cover

A simple building inspection by, a reputed building and pest inspection Gold Coast company, includes the property’s conditions. It’s important to know if the building lives up to the standard.

A certified inspection company will conduct the property inspection and they will give a detailed report. An inspection report will cover minor defects, major damages, and safety hazards. The inspector will advise on what repairs to prioritize., a reputed Gold Coast building and pest inspection company, covers all reachable sections in their inspection:

●    Foundations

●    Interior

●    Exterior

●    Roof space

●    Under-floor space

●    Fencing

●    Electrical safety switch

●    Pathways and driveways

●    Smoke alarms

●    Laundry

●    Toilet

●    Water drainage


Some inspection companies can include more things in the report. However, it’s best if the seller takes the proper preparation beforehand to avoid further mistakes and costly repairs while selling the property.

Importance of Building Inspection For Property Buyers

Whether it’s an initial inspection or a pre-settlement inspection, potential buyers need to ensure that there’s a defect. Plus, a professional inspection can prevent future problems and costly repairs. On the other hand, the inspection report is also helpful for sellers as they can apply immediate repairs and remedies before the selling date arrives.

How to Prepare a Property Before Inspection

Many sellers become fearful and nervous when ever the inspector team arrives. Even though it can be stressful for the seller, there’s no need to overthink about the possible negative feedback. However, the seller can prepare the property for the inspection:

Check Small Details:

●    Replace or repair defective screens

●    Repair, clean, and replace damaged gutters

●    Check if all the windows, doors, and hinges are operational

●    Check if the garage, basement, attic, and claw spaces are completely accessible

●    Seal external wall entry and cracks

●    Clean roof coverings and vents

Apply Beauty Enhancement Procedure’:

●    Clean house exterior and windows

●    Free up shades and curtains for more clearer atmosphere

●    Clean up the kitchen

●    Trip tree stumps and bushes around the house

●    Pressure clean and pave drive way holes

●    Varnish or re-paint exterior wood furniture

●    Check fencing’s condition

Check Safety Procedure:

●    Check the efficiency of the smoke detector

●    Double-check electrical wiring and electrical installations

●    Store flammable materials securely

●    Keep air conditioning, heating, and ventilation systems properly serviced

●    Check if the bathroom, sinks, septic tanks, and water tanks are operational

Prepare Important Documents:

●    Certification of ownership

●    Appliance warranties and service logs

●    Property documents and other related property details

●    Records of previous repairs, remodeling, and renovations

Conclusion, a well-known building and pest inspection Gold Coast company, provides the best suggestions during the inspection as they have experience of over 20 years. The professionals will guide the seller to improve the mistakes and the property’s condition.

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