5 Common Problems Found During a Home Inspection

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5 Common Problems Found During a Home Inspection
5 Common Problems Found During a Home Inspection

5 Common Problems Found During a Home Inspection

When a home undergoes a professional inspection, the inspector is tasked with thoroughly examining the property and identifying any potential issues. By identifying these problems during the inspection, homebuyers can make informed decisions about a property's condition and budget accordingly for any necessary repairs or upgrades.

 Most Gold Coast building inspection companies face some common issues during the inspection process. Whether someone wants to repair the property or purchase anew house, learning about these common issues is essential. Keep reading the blog to explore more.

Common Issues Found During Home Inspection

Inspecting a property seems easy, but the professionals face several issues during this process. Some people find these issues after buying a property. That’s why working with an experienced team like Inspectr.co can be the best help. Before reaching out, let’s find out about these common problems found during a property inspection:

 Water Damage — Water damage looks like a minor issue but it can impact the property’s structural integrity. This type of damage can have different sources, causing trouble for homeowners. From wall damage to timber rot, water damage can create major issues if left unnoticed. An experienced professional team can inspect the problems thoroughly and suggest the best solution to handle it.

 Sloping Property Grounds — Most people on the Gold Coast don’t check the surroundings of the area while purchasing a new house. However, that can be a major oversight as the surrounding round of the house can have potential risks. The surrounding property should always be sloping away from the house, reducing the risks of water damage. If the slope is toward the house, it can cause settlement cracks.

 Poor Ventilation — Ventilating a house is crucial, so the airflow can keep the building dry, enhancing the property’s structural stability. Poor ventilation leads to several issues such as mould and toxic air quality. As a result, the residents can have different health problems. Only a professional inspection team can ensure that the property has enough free-flowing ventilation.

 Roof Issues — Roof issues are quite common for an inspection team during a property inspection. Almost all areas in Australia receive wild weather throughout the year, causing several roofing issues. There are several types of roof issues like insulation damage or storm water guttering. Major roof problems can lead to overall property damage if left unnoticed.

 Termite Infestations — It’s one of the most common issues found during a building inspection. Many people ignore this but termite damage is an expensive and dangerous infestation to abuilding. In most cases, termites are attracted to damp areas, underneath timber structures, and tree stumps. An experienced inspector can identify the signs of termite infestation and suggest the best solutions.


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